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President of the Republic of Serbia at the EPP Congress in Helsinki

President of the Republic of Serbia H.E. Mr Aleksandar Vučić and Minister for European Integration Mme Jadranka Joksimović represented the Serbian Progressive Party at the Congress of the European People’s Party held in Helsinki on 7th and 8th of November. The high representatives of the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians (VMZS/SVM) also participated in the work of the Congress.

National Museum Belgrade


Breakfast with Finnish students

On 19th November, the Association of Finnish Students organized a breakfast with Serbian Ambassador in café Ekberg in Helsinki. The topics of the conversation were: life in Serbia, its foreign policy, international relations and Serbian tourist attractions.

Exhibition of Finnish Art Photographer Saku Paasilahti “In the Hand of God”

The exhibition of the renowned Finnish photographer and a member of the Serbian-Finnish Society Mr. Saku Paasilahti was opened in the Embassy on 13th of November. Ten art photographs present everyday life and spirituality of Serbian Orthodox monasteries and churches in the territories of Serbia and Montenegro. The artist dedicates this exhibition to two big jubilees this year: celebration of 100 years of the end of the WWI in which Serbia lost 1.2 million people, and 600 years since the foundation of the monastery Manasija in Serbia (1407-1418) founded by Serbian ruler despot Stefan Lazarević. It was a fresco painting from Manasija “Soul of the Righteous in the  Hand of God” inspiring the artist for the name of this exhibition.

The opening hours: Monday – Friday, 10 – 16.00

Festival of Serbian Movies

The 8th traditional Festival of Serbian Movies will be held from 26th- 28th October in the cinema K-13 (Kanavakatu 12) in Helsinki.

The organizer of the festival are the Serbian-Finnish society and the Embassy of Serbia in Helsinki in cooperation with the Film Center Serbia.


Screening Schedule:


- Friday 26.10. at 19:00  Requiem for Mrs. J.(2015), directed by Bojan Vuletić.

- Saturday 27.10. at 17:00  Why did Dragan gather his band (2017), a documentary film, directed by Nikola Spasic.

- Saturday 27.10. at 19:00 Humidity (2016), directed by Nikola Ljuca.

- Sunday  28.10. at 17:00 With my eyes wide open (2017), a documentary, directed by Marko Novaković.

- Sunday 28.10. at 18:00, Bandits in Search of Mom (2018), directed by Kosta Ristić.



Subtitles in English.


The ticket price is 5 €, payment at the card entrance or in cash. Ticket sales starts half an hour before the start of the screening.

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